Baltic Dance Platform 2024: Performances

Yet Another day in Paradise

Lukas Karvelis (Lithuania)

In this contemporary dance performance, the protagonists convey the audience to an island filled with genuine confessions, where memories merge in an elegiac dance of self-reflection. The stage is being transformed into an ever-shifting landscape that mirrors the inner world of the characters, providing a safe space from the constraints of societal expectations. The dancers take center stage as they explore the depths of their desire to understand each other. Experiencing both acceptance and rejection their movements become a manifestation of the resilience of the human spirit, a poignant reflection of the intricacies of intimacy and the eternal quest for connection.

About choreographer:
Lukas Karvelis (1997) is a Lithuanian freelance dance artist currently based in Amsterdam. Upon graduating from Codarts in 2019 on a Jiri Kylian Foundation scholarship, he began collaborating with Royal Danish theatre, Münich Kammerspiele, Göteborgs Operans Danskompani, Dansatelier’s crew and Korzo Theater. He is currently linking the movement exploration to the social phenomenon of addiction, correlating it to the body and mind. His own choreographic work has received multiple residencies – at Atelier de Paris/CDCN, the Arts Printing House, Cetro Coreografico Gomera and Teatri Di Vita. Karvelis has received the second-place prize at the Stuttgart Solo Competition and was nominated for the Piket Kunst Prijs.

Two socially active and actively social choreographers, Agnietė and Greta, who are not afraid to stand up for social minorities, their beliefs and freedom, founded the independent dance organisation "Be Company" in 2019. The aim of the organisation is to create a cohesive dialogue between performing arts and social action as well as to push the boundaries of diversity and self-expression in Lithuania. For these reasons, "Be Company" regularly invites various artists to join the organisation's artistic activities expanding the Lithuanian artistic field with socio-cultural projects in collaboration with the LGBTQ+ community, national minorities, different age groups and others. In addition, the Be Company's ambition is to become an umbrella organisation for contemporary dance artists, such as Lukas Karvelis, Dovydas Strimaitis, Liza Baliasnaja, Ieva Navickaite and others, who are looking for a home.